Combo Package

Soothe away tension, free your mind of worries and enjoy a 50 min Relaxing Massage and 50 min Fortunato Facial.

2 hours $149



Detox & De-Stress

Cleanse and purify the body and soul while partaking in a Master Cleanse Wrap, Fortunato Facial and 50 min Deep Tissue Massage.

3 hours $265



Just For The Guys

Simple and straight forward, perfect for the men in our lives. 50 min Deep Tissue Massage and Men's RAW Facial.

2 hours $170



(Currently Unavailable) The Five Elements

Based on the five elements of nature, the treatments in this package work together synergistically to create peace and harmony, recharging the spirit. Each element is represented. Wood is featured in the Three Sisters Facial, Fire in the hot 50 min River Rock Massage, Earth in the Moor Mud Wrap, Metal in the Spa Manicure and Water during the soak in the Spa Pedicure.

5 hours $350

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